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What is PTSD?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious mental health condition in which people who have undergone a traumatic event experience intense and disturbing thoughts and feelings till long after the event has occurred. A traumatic event could be witnessing or being involved in an accident, a natural disaster, a terrorist act, war, or incidents of rape or sexual assault, and injury.

The name ‘Post-Traumatic Stress’ is suggestive of the condition that follows after or post the event has occurred-not before and not during. ‘Stress’ is used to emphasize on the emotions, feelings, thoughts and physiological changes that take place in one’s body after such an experience. The difference between stress that we experience on an everyday basis and one that a person experiences after a traumatic event is the level of intensity of the symptoms.



How to manage it?

For expert advice Nirvan Hospital – Centre of excellence in Behavioral and Addiction Medicine has a very efficient team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and counsellors to manage such issues.