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Days Hours Area Covered Fees
A 15 days 72 Hrs. Clinical Case History and M.S.E, Group Discussion, Case Presentation, Ward Round, OPD Cases. INR 2,000/-
B 30 days 144 Hrs. Case Presentation, Basic Counseling Skills, Introduction To Rating Scale. INR 4,000/-
C 45 days 216 Hrs. Basic group therapy session, case formulation and therapeutic procedure. INR 6,000/-
D 60 days 290 Hrs. Advance diagnostic testing formulation, individual therapy sessions, and relaxation therapy. INR 8,000/-
E 6 months 864 Hrs. OPD and IPD case formulation with observing sessions taken by consultants. Handling case individually, case conception with diagnostic and therapeutic approach. INR 25,000/-
F 48 days 240 Hrs. Clinical case History taking and M.S.E, Group Discussion, Case Presentation, Ward Rounds, basic counseling skills, Introduction to rating scales, Advance diagnostic case formulation. INR 7,500/-

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Why is an Internship Important for Psychology Students?

The Significance of Psychology Internships

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

  • Psychology internships in Lucknow serve as a crucial bridge between academic learning and professional practice. While classroom education lays the foundational understanding of psychological principles, internships at places like Nirvan Hospital allow students to apply these principles in clinical settings, enhancing their practical skills and understanding.

Gaining Hands-On Experience
  • Engaging in psychology internships offers students hands-on experience with patients under the supervision of seasoned professionals. At Nirvan Hospital, our clinical psychology internships provide students with the chance to observe and participate in real patient care, from initial assessments to treatment planning and therapy sessions.
Enhancing Professional Skills
  • Internship opportunities in mental health in Lucknow help students develop a range of professional skills. These include communication, ethical decision-making, and patient interaction, which are critical for any successful psychology career. Through direct patient engagement and multidisciplinary teamwork, students gain confidence and competence in their professional abilities.
Networking and Mentorship
  • One of the key benefits of participating in psychology internship programs in Lucknow is the opportunity to build a professional network. Interns at Nirvan Hospital work alongside experienced psychologists and mental health professionals who can provide mentorship, guidance, and valuable industry contacts. These connections can be instrumental in shaping a student’s career trajectory.
Exposure to Diverse Specializations
  • Psychology is a broad field with numerous specializations. Through summer internships in Lucknow, students can explore different areas such as clinical psychology, counseling, neuropsychology, and more. This exposure helps them identify their interests and strengths, guiding their future career choices.
Preparing for Advanced Studies
  • For those planning to pursue advanced degrees, such as a master’s or doctorate in psychology, completing internships is often a prerequisite. Internships not only strengthen a student’s resume but also provide the necessary experience and insights that are beneficial for advanced academic pursuits.
Enhancing Employability
  • In today’s competitive job market, having practical experience sets candidates apart. The best psychology summer internships, like those offered by Nirvan Hospital, significantly enhance employability by providing real-world experience, professional references, and a proven track record of applying psychological concepts in practice.

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