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Admission & Discharge Process

Admission Process

Kindly note, there is no emergency admission of patients. Every patient has to undergo a defined protocol for admission at the Nirvan Hospital. The patient has to first undergo OPD consultation with the Psychiatrist. Once the concerned specialist grants approval, the patient is ready for admission. The following formalities follow:
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Nirvan Hospital

The Patient Will Require The Following Clothing and Other Essentials Only :

Mobile phones are completely banned in the hospital and they will need to be deposited with the medical administration at the time of admission. Locker facility for safe upkeep of valuables is available at the hospital. No open outside food is permitted in the wards or in the private rooms.
Discharge Process

Discharge Process

For the discharge of the patient a request will have to be first made at the reception desk to initiate the process. The request can only be made by the person authorised to do so, the attendant/relative of the patient. 

 All hospital dues will then be required to be settled and the ‘no-dues’ form will be submitted before the discharge summary and slip can be granted. The discharge process takes a minimum time of 2-4 hours. The attendants and relatives of the patient must factor in this point before applying for discharge.

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