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Marital and Family Relations

Any individual, regardless of age or gender, is a product of the relationships they share with the people around them; interaction with our friends and family is a part of the core of our existence. The way in which we interact with others, the transactions that take place, and how we express ourselves becomes an important part of who we are.

In a culture like India’s, marriage and family are given utmost importance when it comes to forming and maintaining relationships. We are expected to be cordial and accepting of each other’s differences and shortcomings. However, many times, we lose ourselves in these expectations which often lead to marital and family discord, miscommunication, fallouts, psychological distress, etc.

Marital and Family Relations

Signs of an unhealthy relationship (Family/Marriage):

How to deal with it?

While it may not always be easy to deal with one’s dysfunctional family, it is not impossible.

For expert advice Nirvan Hospital – Centre of excellence in Behavioral and Addiction Medicine has a very efficient team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and marital counsellors to manage such issues.