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An Electroencephalogram (or EEG) is a test that is used to detect the electrical activities of the brain through the use of small, metal discs (electrodes) attached to the scalp. Our brain cells or neurons as they’re so called communicate to each other using electrical impulses and remain active all the time, even when we’re asleep. Thus, an EEG can detect changes in the intra-functioning of a brain that might be useful for diagnosing disorders like epilepsy or any other seizure disorder. It is considered one of the main diagnostic test for the detection of epilepsy or seizures and can even help diagnose other brain disorders like brain damage, inflammation of the brain(encephalitis), stroke to name a few. This immensely useful facility is available at Nirvan hospital to rule out seizure activities in the brain along with other diagnostic analyses. The centre is equipped with the top-class EEG machine NEUROCOMPACT developed by Medicaid Systems. The process of going through the EEG is safe and absolutely painless.

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