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A 100 bedded endeavour pioneered by Dr H.K. Agarwal in 1990, and today steered under his stellar leadership and the professional excellence of Dr Deeptanshu Agrawal, MD and Dr Pranjal Agarwal.


Nirvan is a premier centre in Northern India serving the cause of mental fitness by successfully diagnosing and treating –

Dr. HK Agrawal
Nirvan is a full fledged hospital with the best of facilities that include –
Nirvan Hospital
Nirvan Hospital

Our Journey

The journey of Nirvan Hospital began in the year 1990 on a considerably small scale with only 5 beds with Dr. H.K. Agarwal as the founder and senior psychiatrist from KGMU. He started this centre in Indira Nagar on rented premises but in just 10 years of brilliant and hardworking persistence, the hospital was relocated to a better facility in Ismailganj, Faizabad Road, Lucknow. This new 50 bedded hospital kept growing and evolving and soon upgraded to a permanent and ultra-modern location in Kalyanpur, Ring Road, Lucknow. Starting from humble beginnings almost 2 decades ago, the metamorphosis of Nirvan hospital has been exponential and has gone from a small scale facility of 5 beds to a full-fledged healing centre with almost a 100 beds. It includes various and different types of stay-in facilities ranging from air-cooled to air-conditioned and consists of hand-picked and highly vetted medical professionals like consulting psychiatrists and nursing assistants. Today, the hospital boasts world class infrastructure and advanced diagnostic technologies at affordable costs to provide the best and most effective healthcare facilities in the field of Psychiatry & De-Addiction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and facilitate a safe environment for the service and treatment of patients going through mental imbalances, alcoholism and other substance abuse disorders and to provide top notch healthcare facilities through the use of ultra modern and highly advanced diagnostic tools and techniques without any form of discrimination on the basis of caste, race, gender and religion. We constantly and tirelessly work to increase the overall awareness and minimize any pre-existing distortions or taboos regarding mental health and substance abuse disorders amongst the general community and to keep expanding the overall standard and efficiency of our healthcare processes.
Neuro-Psychiatric and Addicitive Disorders
To provide quality healthcare in Neuro-Psychiatric and Addicitive Disorders with compassion, efficiency and excellence applying and sharing new technologies ensuring safety of treatment during patient’s stay, promoting an environment of continuous quality improvement and complying with statutory regulations.
psychosomatic disease
Alcoholism is psychosomatic disease, which is recognized by World Health Organization and this can be treated by providing proper medication and psychotherapy like detoxification, Counseling, family programme and some other therapies which take a period of six months. Treatment will be done using following various therapies in addition to medical treatment.
psychological disorders
To increase awareness among the people about various neuro psychological disorders and drug/ alcohol abuse and their adverse affect on Physical, Mental, Social, Marital, Employment, Children’s Education and their Personality Development. To reduce/minimize the drug/alcohol demand and to remove stigma attached to addicts /mental patients.
diagnosing motivating, counseling, detoxifying and rehabilitating the alcoholics and other drug abusers
Alcohol and Drug addiction is a common menace which not only ruins the person himself but also his entire family and the society. The hospital was started in the year 1990 with the aim of diagnosing, motivating, counseling, detoxifying and rehabilitating the alcoholics and other drug abusers.
Hi-tech multi disciplinary medical services
To set benchmarks of excellence in advanced,Hi-tech multi disciplinary medical services in World, offering high quality healthcare and tertiary care facilities providing efficient access to affordable medical care.
medical care with facilities to diagnose individual cases
To become a Zonal Center providing Medical Care with facilities to diagnose individual cases, handle cases fit for treatment at the Hospital, treat deserving patients.

Our Vision

We here at the Nirvan Hospital seek to and endlessly strive to establish a Centre of Excellence on a national level which delivers top class and affordable facilities in the aid and betterment of mental health and rehabilitation cases from all over the country. Our vision of the future is to eventually acquire the coveted NABH accreditation and to make our highly awarded centre an educational institute as well for DNB and post-graduation courses in psychiatry.

NEED HELP? Reach Out To Us For Consultation


NEED HELP? Reach Out To Us For Consultation