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Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is nothing but a kind of talk therapy in which doctors helps couples and individuals and directed for psychological, medical, personal or interpersonal factors that impacting your sexual satisfaction. This therapy aims to help those who move past emotional and physical challenges to have a satisfying relationship and pleasurable sex life. Here some doctors continuously working hard to provide sex therapy in Lucknow to those who need it.
sex therapy

What are the symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is not a big problem. 31% of men and 43% of women report that they experience some type of sexual dysfunction. These dysfunctions can include:

How does Sex Therapy work?

Sex therapy is just like other psychotherapy. In this therapy, you talk more about your experience, feelings, worries, etc with your therapist

After that, you work out on cooping mechanism with your therapist to improve your responses in future by which you can have a healthier and better sex life.

Do I need Sex Therapy?

There is a one way by which you can determine if you need to go to a sex therapist is to analyze how you feel right now and what most affected parts of your life by feeling your feeling that you have right now. If your quality of life is generally affected by sexual dysfunction then it is the right time to go for a sex therapist. There is some good and well-educated sex therapist in Lucknow that may surely help you.

What to know before consulting with Sex Therapist?

If you are going for Sex therapy, remember these five things that help to decide whom to meet for therapy.


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